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Freestyle Football - Tricks shows

Welcome to my website, I am Dawid Pajor. Apart from being a sport, football became my way of life. I practice freestyle football, that is performing tricks with a ball, for seven years now. Perseverance and the will to reach my goals – learning new things and winning over my own weaknesses – led me to a point, which I am at today. This is the time, when I can show off my skills in front of an audience, demonstrate what hard work with the ball has let me achieve, and provide remarkable entertainment during a variety of events. My passion became my opportunity for earnings, which is a true dream come true for anyone who put their heart and effort into their hobby.

trick dookoła świata

Freestyle football is a young sport – around a dozen years old, so not yet popular and stirring great interest.

It consists of performing complex and spectacular tricks with a football. The shows are accompanied by music and tricks are customised to an event’s character, thanks to which the entirety creates an amazing show.

The film below presents the idea.


Ever since I began training, I felt the need to share the energy, which freestyle football released in me. Shows in the Warsaw Old Town led me to the audience. Thanks to the spectators, I became a

recognisable figure in the trade. There, I also had the chance to meet and get to know people, whose attitude towards life and recognition for my feats daily fuelled me to go further.

Freestyle with a football is something, that lets me express myself, puts forward what’s inside me through movement, but also lets me

have a great time. I’m immensely happy about the fact, that this way I can also amuse the audience during football tricks shows.

Many spectacles, which I had been preparing for the viewers for events of varied character, gave me a rich and versatile experience, thanks to which today I know what to do for the show to be applauded and remembered for
a long time.

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